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Get the latest research on:
Get the latest research on:
Digital Records of Practice
Data Visualization
Learning Spaces
Digital Scholarship
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Teaching first, Technology second

The Krause Innovation Studio defines its work in terms of interactions and activities, rather than tools and technologies. Our vision is of a physical and intellectual space focused on developing 21st century educational leaders who engage in innovation and research with emerging technological tools, and achieve excellence in teaching and learning.

The reversal of the traditional educational technology paradigm (i.e. teaching first, technology second) addresses the needs of an increasingly diverse and geographically dispersed student population.

A Space for All

Whether you are student, staff, or faculty member, you are invited and encouraged to come in and use our collaboration spaces. You can make a reservation up to 2 weeks in advance for one of the following spaces:

Pink or Orange Room (seating for 4);
Blue or Green Room (seating for 6; must have 3 to make reservation);
Semi-Private East, Central, or West Pods (seating for 4);
Semi-Private Quiet or Stadium Pods (seating for 6-10).

Additionally, as a faculty member you can schedule a course in our Learn Lab (seating for 24) for a trial run or write a proposal to book the Learn Lab for an entire semester. We currently are accepting proposals for the Fall 2015 semester. Download a sample proposal to get started:

Overview of Learn Lab Proposal (PDF)
Learn Lab Proposal Sample – ECE451 (PDF)
Learn Lab Proposal Sample – WLED495E (PDF)
Learn Lab Proposal Sample – EDTEC400 (PDF)
Learn Lab Proposal Sample – LLED480 (PDF)

Book a Space, Bring a Device, Bring a Friend

The Krause Innovation Studio learning space is a BYOD (bring your own device) environment. The work stations allow you to bring a laptop or tablet computer to connect your device to a built-in connection — enabling you to view your computer screen on a much larger video monitor, so you can share with your colleagues.

A staff member is always available during normal operating hours to help.

Do you need more information about the Learn Lab or engaging with our research? Schedule a consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

Our staff has been trained to provide consultations to faculty members to review and transform current learning goals and outcomes using the affordances of the Krause Innovation Studio learning spaces.

When you book a consultation, expect to meet one-on-one with a staff member ready to answer your questions or assist you in creating a proposal to use the Learn Lab for the duration of a semester. 

Did you decide to get involved? Join a research project.

Join a Research Project

You are invited to join in one of our research projects to add to the body of knowledge through using the Learn Lab’s affordances during your course. As part of using the Learn Lab, we require an intellectual product (e.g. white paper, manuscript, conference presentation) that details what research questions you had and your outcomes.

Follow our other research projects to find out what other studies we’re conducting. For example, our current Learning Spaces study involves investigating the built pedagogy and design rationale for the Krause Innovation Studio learning space.

We encourage cross-disciplinary research, so if you see an area of interest that we have not yet explored or started research in, feel free to propose a new research project for us to collaborate on.

Digital Records of Practice

Innovation Talks: A Model for Online Tutoring

Our final Innovation Talk of the semester will be this Friday, May 2nd from 12:30-1:30 pm in the Learn Lab. The title is “Developing a model for online tutoring between PSU students and K-12 English language learners.” C&I faculty May Lee and Megan Hopkins will discuss the pilot of an online tutoring program that fostered…

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Data Visualization

Using the Interactive Whiteboard to support Teaching and Learning

An interactive whiteboard is a valuable tool in teaching and learning if used appropriately. I emphasize the importance of the phrase if used appropriately because of the tendency for educators to use an interactive whiteboard as nothing more than a projection system. Given the prevalence of interactive whiteboards in K-12 education and the lack of…

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Learning Spaces

The Influence of “Emotional Residue” in Learning Spaces

Recently, Krause Innovation Studio consultants have been interviewing Penn State students, faculty, and staff about their experiences with studying, working, and teaching in the Studio’s various spaces. In these interviews, an interesting response arose from almost all participants, forming a common thread between their narratives. Call it atmosphere, energy, “vibes,” or just a feeling: a…

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Digital Scholarship

Blogs as Microlibraries

Over the past few years, the Krause Innovation Studio has become increasingly interested in the field of digital scholarship and the question of how “scholarly practices of academics have changed with the new digital tools that are now such an integral part of our workflow” (McDonald 2012). While much of the research completed so far…

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Research Staff

Dr. Scott P. McDonald
(Scott’s research…)

Dr. Scott McDonald, director
Dr. Susan M. Land
Interim Director
(Susan’s research…)

Dr. Susan Land, Interim Director
Dr. Michael M. Rook
Postdoctoral Scholar
(Mike’s research…)

Dr. Michael Rook, Postdoctoral Scholar

Innovation Consultants

Innovation Consultants assist others with the equipment and providing consultations for faculty and staff around innovative technology-supported pedagogy.


Reservations for a room or pod can be made two weeks in advance for a maximum duration of three hours. You can book a space one of two ways:

1. Call 814-863-3975 to speak with one of our Innovation Consultants during our normal operating hours. Click on “Hours/Directions” to learn more about our hours of operation.

2. Create your own reservation directly at You also can click on the image below. NOTE: If you are off campus or if you are connecting through the PSU campus LAN network (on-campus housing), you must use a VPN client to use this website.

Reservation website screenshot Rooms screenshot

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The Learn Lab is our 24-seat research and development classroom in the Krause Innovation Studio. Enter the following information and a staff member will contact you regarding availability in 1-2 days. If you need immediate assistance, call 814-863-3975 to speak with an innovation consultant.
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